What Would Happen If There Were Oxygen In Space

You might imagine having oxygen in space would be very cool. Astronauts won’t need special space suits or have to carry tanks of oxygen to space. Even the airplanes could get out of the earth’s atmosphere, and we won’t need special spacecraft to travel to the moon or even the other planets. This could be a cartoon fantasy; the reality is the 180-degree opposite of this. The presence of oxygen will result in death, of all of us and the entire solar system.
The reason why the earth revolves around the sun with a speed of 30 kilometers a second is the absence of air resistance. The presence of air in space will result in great air resistance lighting everything on fire.
When a spacecraft enters the earth’s atmosphere, the speed is nearly 8 kilometers a second. Moving with that speed in such air resistance the spacecraft catches fire. If the same were to happen to earth, that revolves with speed nearly four times as much as that; the entire planet would catch fire. It won’t be long before all of the life on earth burn up, and we all die.
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