These Blackout Blinds Curtains Will Turn Your Windows Into A Beautiful Skyline

“Turn out the lights/the party’s over/They say all good things must end,” sings Willie Nelson, oblivious to the fact that the party only begins after turning out the light with these blackout blinds.
Once they were considered to be only the symbol of edgy and rebellious teenagers or goths, but they have been brought back into style thanks to some ingenious designing. The latest ones not only helps you cut out any kind of light, but they are also strategically punctured to display beautiful skylines from all over the world.
The idea of Blackout Drapes started back in 1939’s World War when the Britishers were forced to blackout entire cities due to the threat of enemy air strikes. People were made to hang thick black curtains at night so that no light could escape the windows and give away their location to the enemy jets.
Even car headlights were made to be covered with mud or shades. This is where the full blackout blinds started, and people liked the idea of peaceful and private lives so much that they decided to keep them up even after the war was over.
What started as home safety and privacy has now been turned into more of a commodity as most commercially available blackout curtains come with an extra-tight weaving that block 99% of light and UV rays. They also help in trapping the heat inside the home in winters and the heat of the sun in the summers, thus help you save up on energy costs.
But the best of all, the roll up blackout blinds have been given a new style as they come in sleek ‘cut-out’ designs that turn any window into a scenic New York or London city skyline, while providing comfortable light levels into your home.

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